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Benefits of LED Retrofits

LED retrofitting is quickly gaining popularity as an energy-conscious option for commercial and industrial businesses. Significantly reduced maintenance costs and dramatically improved lighting quality are benefits that business owners and building managers should consider when making the decision to retrofit their facilities to LED lighting.

Increased Energy Savings

The primary benefit of LED retrofitting is the drastically lowered energy consumption compared to traditional and fluorescent lighting – resulting in as much as an 80% reduction in energy costs over a year! This makes energy efficient LED retrofitting an obvious choice for commercial and industrial buildings.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Most LED bulbs last about 50,000 hours instead of the 1,200 hours a typical incandescent bulb lasts. This means you are replacing LED bulbs about every five to ten years. The savings in these costs associated with LED lighting can add up to a significant amount long term, making the switch to LED lighting a wise decision.

Improved Lighting Quality

One thing that is often not discussed regarding LED retrofitting is the increased quality of the light itself from LED fixtures. This increase in the quality of light will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of commercial and industrial facilities, but it will also increase the general quality of life for employees, customers and anyone in these facilities.

Increased Facility Safety

Switching to LED fixtures also increases the safety of facilities. LED lighting offers more even light distribution, leaving fewer dark areas and locations that can be easily targeted by vandals or criminals. LEDs offer an unparalleled even spectrum of light, reducing shadows and collectively resulting in a noticeably better-lit area.

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LED lighting has been the cornerstone of energy efficiency for the better part of a decade. If you have not upgraded your building or parking lot to LED lighting yet, the lighting portion of your electric bill could be up to 3 times what it should be. Most projects can be installed for under 2 years payback and sometimes under 1 year. Some generous programs offer possible full funding upon approval.


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